Faith Tested by Trials

Jun 5, 2022    Mike Burt
“If we cannot believe God when circumstances seem be against us, we do not believe Him at all.” (C.H. Spurgeon)

James is the brief book of Proverbs in the New Testament. A collection of the pithy points from several sermons in the Early Church. The gathering of these message summaries revolves around the theme of faith. The Epistle of James has much to say about faith. The noun faith pistis - πίστις occurs sixteen times and the verb believe pisteuo - πιστεύω three times. James does not become a theological exposition of faith but rather a series of reminders of faith active in everyday life for the believer. The design of this letter is to be practical more than doctrinal – though it is fully complimentary to sound doctrine!

James insists that a saving faith is a living faith, proving its genuineness by what it does. But it is a misconception to assume that his purpose is simply to stress the importance of good works. James is not advocating works apart from faith, but he is vitally concerned to show that a living faith must demonstrate its dynamic character by its deeds. The purpose of James is to prod his readers to recognize and accept their need for a living, active faith and to challenge them to test their own faith by the basic criterion that “faith without works is useless” (2:20). We will get there but first James tackles a most common foe of faith – trials. Sunday we will address the trials of life and threats to faith – join us as we begin the Biblical adventure studying James – Faith Tested by Life. Hope to see you Sunday!

Pastor Mike