Sunday School Classes

Grace and Truth (Room 210) - 8AM

Led by Ron Schlimme
Studying: The Book of Romans.
How faith in Jesus justifies all people and creates a unified, multiethnic family and a path to righteousness.

Life Truths  (Room 211) - 9AM

Led by Brian Gremmel and Jason Ballard
Studying: Revelation and Future Prophecy
Starting on January 15th - This will be an appropriate 20 week study involving the church, the rapture, the tribulation, the millennium, and the new heaven and new earth.  This will involve several books of the Bible but the main lesson will be from Revelation. It will be an exciting adventure through prophecy and how the Lord returns and makes everything new and perfect as he has planed.

The Well Youth Class (Room 210) - 9AM

Led by Jeff and Daniela Bergmann
Studying: How to Series. Let‘s learn how to do what Jesus taught us to do. For example, how to: know God's will for your life, make better decisions, develop Biblical discernment, develop your conscience, handle peer pressure, handle family conflict, deal with bullying and harassment, start a conversation about the Gospel, defend the Faith and share the Gospel.

College Class (Room 212) - 9AM

Led by Caleb Drage
Studying: “More Than a Carpenter” by Josh McDowell
A hard-hitting book for people who are skeptical about Jesus' deity, his resurrection, and his claim on their lives.

Christian Foundations  (Room 201) - 10:30AM

Led by Brett and Sandra Barrier
Studying: The Book of John
This class will experience the heart of God in Jesus Christ by journeying through the book of John verse by verse.

Hermeneutics  – Studying the Bible (Room 210)- 10:30AM

Led by Derek and Jennifer Fortna
Studying: How to Study the Bible Accurately
Starting on January 15th. 12-16 Week Study – Looking at the foundation and principles of Study Scripture. This will look at study methods, priorities, and topics for reading, studying, and applying Scripture to your everyday life.

Answers in Genesis (Room 201) at 9AM 
& (Room 211) at 10:30AM

Led by Led by Mike and Sheila Bradshaw (9AM) & Alan Parrish (10:30AM)
Answers in Genesis Bible Curriculum brings the Bible to life. This curriculum contains Sunday school lessons that cover the entire Bible chronologically, providing a powerful overview of God’s Word. This class will run in parallel of the GreenHouse Kids classes - allowing for family discussion, growth, and development on the same verses every week.

Bible Characters Study (Zoom meeting) - 3PM

Led by Mike Burt
Studying: Major Bible Themes
Starting on January 8th. Join Pastor Mike in a survey of Major Bible Themes by Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer (co-founder of Dallas Theological Seminary). Pastor Mike will cover major elements and verses for each of these theological themes. Additionally, the text is available in PDF upon request.

Ecclesiastes (Room 212) at 10:30AM

Led byTerry Colhour
Starting on September 11. Ecclesiastes is a book of perspective and one of the "Wisdom" books of the Christian Old Testament. Join us digging deeper into those treasures that are revealed to us to grow our faith.