Sunday School Classes

All of our Sunday School classes are open to be joined at any time! We look forward to seeing you there. No need to sign up. 

Grace and Truth  50+  Class (Room 210) - 8AM

Led by Arne Paulsen
Studying: 1 Peter
Peter comforts Gentile Christians who were suffering under Roman oppression by reassuring them of their identity and purpose. Suffering injustice can feel like evidence of defeat, but Peter reminds the people of the victory Jesus accomplished through suffering. Jesus’ suffering recovered their identity and restored their purpose in life. Now they can take comfort in knowing that their suffering belongs to Jesus’ powerful story⏤a story where God heals broken hearts, frees captives, and comforts all those who grieve.

Life Truths  (Room 211) - 9AM

Led by Jason Ballard
Studying:  1 Corinthians - starting May 26
Join us where we'll be starting an in-depth expositional study of 1 Corinthians. We'll look at a variety of interesting topics including the wisdom of God, the role of the Holy Spirit, expectations of God, spiritual gifts, and of course, the Resurrection."

The Well Youth Class (Room 210) - 9AM

Led by Jake McFadden
Studying: The Thread - discovering the Thread of the Gospel through the big-picture story of the Bible.
Students will learn what the Gospel is and how it literally courses through the narrative of Scripture. Not only will students learn the story of the Bible, but they will see that it is a story of unfailing love, as God seeks from the beginning of Creation to draw humankind to Him through the grace of the Gospel.

College Class (Room 212) - 9AM 

Led by Caleb Drage
Studying: “Knowledge of the Holy" by AW Tozer - starting June 16
The Knowledge of the Holy is a classic devotional that has moved the hearts of Christians for over a century! Each chapter focuses on one attribute of God–from God’s infinitude, immutability, grace, goodness... this book is perhaps one of the most theologically rich AND approachable devotionals in the world!

God's Grace (Room 203) - 9AM 

Led by Kevin Crosby
Studying:  "Grace: the Glorious theme" by Louis Sperry Chafer
Then as now, the world was full of people raised as good Christians who had forgotten what it means to be a believer in God and Jesus Christ. Noticing such individuals, Chafer authored this manual to state the simple love, beauty and devotion which lays at the heart of a Christian life properly led. Join this class as they go through sections at a time in this book.

Answers in Genesis (Room 201) at 9AM 

Led by  Mike and Sheila Bradshaw  
Answers in Genesis Bible Curriculum brings the Bible to life. This curriculum contains Sunday school lessons that cover the entire Bible chronologically, providing a powerful overview of God’s Word. This class will run in parallel of the GreenHouse Kids classes - allowing for family discussion, growth, and development on the same verses every week.

Hermeneutics  – Studying the Bible (Room 210)- 10:30AM  - 

Led by Derek Fortna
Studying: How to Study & Interpret the Bible Accurately
12-16 Week Study – This class covers study methods, priorities, and topics for accurately reading, studying, and applying Scripture to your everyday life.

Christian Foundations  (Room 201) - 10:30AM

Led by Brett and Sandra Barrier
Studying: Christian Love
This class will experience a survey of Scripture that speaks on Christian Love.