College of Grace

...They said, "Teacher, where do you live?"
Jesus said, "Come and see"...

John 1:38-39

Ambassador Charles Habib Malik said years ago, "Change the university and you change the world." We believe our culture and our world can be changed through students who are transformed by the truth and grace of Jesus Christ.  This is the conviction of our College Ministry.
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Get Connected. Go Deeper.

Jesus said, “If you hold to My teaching, you are really My disciples” (John 8:31).
A Christian disciple follows Jesus, becoming more and more like Him through a life of faith and obedience.
We see Jesus giving us both the great Commandment and the Great Commission. God's desire is that every Christ follower should be a part of disciple-making. The results should be sharing the Gospel, developing your relationship with God and helping others to develop theirs.
Grow as a disciple who makes other disciples to make Jesus known everywhere.

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