Faith Tested by Temptations

Jun 19, 2022    Mike Burt

Why don’t people “blame” God for the good things that happen in life? When things go badly, God is often blamed. The same thing is true in the face of trials and suffering. We may not thank God for all the good times or for what we have had up to this point. We simply cry out, “Why, God!” when we go through difficulties and losses. James is going to teach us to quit blaming God as the cause of trials and temptations - it is sin!

Temptations do not come from God. Temptations come from within ourselves I used to think that Satan was to blame. I thought Satan was the cause of temptations. I thought he was the problem, not me. Sunday we will look at what James says about this and we can grasp how temptations come from within us.

James uses a fishing illustration to explain how temptation works. First, we are lured and enticed by our own desires. This is a picture of bait placed on a hook. What is important to notice is that we are lured and enticed “by our own desire.” The picture is this: if we did not have the desires and weaknesses, then Satan would have nothing with which to tempt us. Satan is the one that puts the bait on the hook and drops the line in the water. But the temptation comes from within us because we want the bait. A fish will have no interest if I put a Brussel sprout on the hook and drop it in the water. A temptation only becomes effective based upon our own desires. Our problem with sin is our problem. The problem is with us!

Join us Sunday for a clear reminder of the source and force and course of sin – then listen to God’s remedy for sin and His solution to death – you guessed it – Jesus! See you Sunday,

Pastor Mike