This Sunday at Grace 

God cares for us! - Ruth 3

“Remember that even Jesus' most scathing denunciation - a blistering diatribe against the religious leaders of Jerusalem in Matthew 23 - ends with Christ weeping over Jerusalem. Compassion colored everything He did.” John MacArthur
What is Naomi thinking?  She is trying to use the wiles of women to accomplish her goals – finding a home and hope for her and Ruth.  Is Boaz the solution?  Where is trust and faith and obedience?  Sunday we step out of the fields and back into the home of Naomi and Ruth as they celebrate God’s provision and then begin to plot for God’s providence.  It is the plotting that I will challenge going back to the family of Boaz – Rahab and then forward into our lives when we don’t wait for God and force the ‘will of God’ instead of seeking in by prayer and discipleship.  God is able to bless even the poorest plans but the blessing is then forfeited to the impatient.  God still works!  Our greatest fear should be that He may work without us.  Come Sunday and see how God worked with Naomi and Ruth and Boaz at the thrashing floor.  You will hear stories of Rahab, Hagar, Gibeonites and Ruth and best of all you will hear how God can direct in your life without the plotting, forcing or manipulating – God is best when we trust Him!

See you Sunday,
Pastor Mike
BTW – don’t be too hard on Rahab, she didn’t have any Sunday School teachers!  Big thanks to our faithful Sunday School teachers!