Test of Time

Jun 12, 2022    Mike Burt

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less.” C.S. Lewis

Who asks for a hard time? It is our selfish nature to think first of ourselves. Most seek the shortest line at the grocery store or the easier slope of the hill or the lightest burden to carry – James says that a man is blessed by going through the trials of life. Our prayers are too often – ‘God fix this!’ when God is saying from Heaven ‘go through this and I will be with you!’ Trials are really not the problem, because we are always going to have them - so it’s really how we respond that is the problem. We can take two approaches to trials, we can either complain about them, or learn from them. In both cases we have to face trials but the outcome can be very different. If we face our trials with complaint and contempt, we will end up resentful and bitter.

Our attitude after our trials will be worse than before we entered them. Trials are like a refining fire and either we will be burned up or refined and made more pure by them. God’s intent is that when we face our trials with faith in Him, we can learn from them.

Sunday I will be talking about what we need (not what we like) and what we do not need (even if we do like it) and how to grow through trials.

Big Group this – grab a name tag and invite someone to join you or once you are here find someone to share lunch with after church.

Pastor Mike