Sunday Service

Acts:  Church Gathered and Church Scattered
No Other Name - Acts 4:1-22

The early Church had heard Christ's teaching, witnessed His miracles, watched as He was nailed to the Cross then rejoiced just three days later when He rose from the dead!  They knew that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of the living God, and that in Him only were the words of eternal life, and light, and truth, and love. They knew that Jesus alone was their blessed hope and they proclaimed the good news far and wide with great boldness.
But their message was an affront to the Jewish rulers who attempted often to silence their voices, for if they had accepted the truth of the Gospel, their authority would have been undermined because the old order had been replaced as the veil was torn in two and a new order had started - the Church by the grace of God. They had to deny and oppose this new ‘church’ or all of their privileged position would be gone.
But the early Church would not be silenced so when Peter and John exercised power from the Holy Spirit by healing the paralyzed man in Acts 3 the Jewish leaders became fearful, angry, arrested the apostles and brought them before the Sanhedrin for trial.  Sunday we will hear that response of Peter and one of the greatest salvation verses in the New Testament – Acts 4:12.

See you Sunday!
Pastor Mike