Sunday Service

Character of a Leader
1 Samuel 11

Leaders are not born nor are they made – they learn! Saul had some natural skills and seemed to be a ‘natural leader’ among men. However, the description ‘from the shoulders up’ did not cover the far more important items of what was in his heart and what was in his mind.  Sunday I will introduce Saul, his background, his skills and his opportunity to serve the LORD.  
I want us to see how God gives abilities and opportunities – the key is how we respond to what God gives.  Saul responded well but as we will see in the following weeks, he became overwhelmed with a swelling pride. The original enemy of heaven in Lucifer was pride – the greatest distraction to the Church is pride. Finding pride in others is itself a prideful act – let’s focus on finding humility within ourselves and not waste time judging others around us as we assume their motives.  
 Only God knows! Let’s keep growing and sharing – God will do the work!  

See you Sunday,
Pastor Mike

“If you’re a leader and not a learner, you’re going to have a really short shelf-life.” –Todd Adkins, Director of Leadership at Lifeway