Sunday Service

Saul and Simon - Acts 9:19-43
Saul is driven out from the people he loved for fear of his life – Peter was led toward the people he would normally avoid, to keep himself ‘clean’ as a Jew.  What a contrast!  Sunday we will spend time with the passion of Saul as he tries to share with the suspicious Jewish believers and we will follow Peter into the surrounding towns of Lydda and Joppa meeting Hellenistic Jews who have followed Jesus as disciples.  The biggest questions each of these men faced are the same ones for us today – who do we really love?  How can we love even the unlovely?  The Psalmist told us what we are supposed to do – share our faith as we love those God has placed around us.  Peter was faithful though reluctant and Saul was undaunted in his zeal to share the Gospel everywhere!  Much to learn from both of these examples.
Happy Mother’s Day – See you Sunday – 
Pastor Mike