Growing in Christ to Grow Others, Together.

Expository Preaching –Relevant messages from the Scriptures for the 21st century challenging the lost to grace and the saint to grow.
Mission Minded –Sending, supporting and recruiting missionaries for our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the World.
Educational Development –Expanding and developing the strengths of a quality teaching program for all ages and spiritual maturity.
Committed Discipleship –Instilling Biblical character through personal mentoring and utilizing vibrant small groups.
Spiritual Worship –Blending styles of classic worship offered in "Spirit and Truth" before an audience of One.
Faith Community –Based on care for "one another", activities are planned with purpose for every member of the Body.

We Welcome You

From small groups to weekend meetups, Sunday school to Morning coffee for men and women, we have dozens
of opportunities for people to gather together in community weekly, encouraging one another closer to a life devoted to Christ.

 This Sunday at Grace

Jesus and the Adulteress Woman - The Prodigal Daughter - John 8:1-11
She was caught in the act of adultery, dragged by force into the Temple courts, humiliated by her sin, separated from anyone who might protect her, judged and sentenced to death without trial by self-righteous religious leaders, and placed before the King of Kings who is pure and holy. This is how the apostle John describes the scene of one of the best known and emotional accounts of Scripture.
This story reads like modern soap opera with immoral activities in which the rich seem to escape while the less fortunate are punished (remember she was caught in the act, but only the woman was brought to judgment – where is the guy?) The key to this incredible story is what happens when a sinner is placed at the feet of Jesus. This is the place where every person who calls themselves a follower of Christ has been and needs to go more often. It is also the only place every person can go to experience the incredible promises of forgiveness and eternal life.

Join me Sunday as we stand off to the side and witness through Scripture the humiliation of the proud and the restoration of the humiliated! Only Jesus could do that! For her and for us.

Pastor Mike

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