Identity of a true Missionary

Aug 21, 2022    Mike Burt

Home from Liberia, West Africa – God is Good! Sunday, I want to share what God is doing in the Churches of Liberia. What a great group of men and so many wonderful Church Families.

I want to talk about missions from the perspective of James, the brother of Jesus. Missions of outreach and love going beyond boundaries, borders and comforts. I wanted to spend some time talking about what unites us as a Church. What brings us together as a Church. So, for that reason I wanted to jump all the way to the end of Romans, where we see Paul repeating to the church in Rome his reasons for writing them this long letter in the first place.
Sunday morning, we are going to look at Romans 15:14-21 together. James told us that words or faith alone is not enough – deeds, obedience and action are called for! Paul gives us the three key elements to Mission – folks who are fruitful, faithful and focused. You prayed and God blessed – let me share some of that Sunday and let us all hear God’s call to the Great Commission!

See you Sunday,

Pastor Mike