Prayer at Grace

How to Pray for Others

Pastor Mike teaches a seminar on “How to Pray for Others”. Join us as we learn about intercessory prayer.

Daily Prayer Group

1. This prayer chain is for Grace Bible Church. Anyone who attends Grace may use it (and certainly pray!); you do not need to be a member. But you must call Grace your church home, and attendance is proof of that, so please make every effort to attend faithfully.  
2. A request may be about anyone in any way related to you (as long as you qualify in regard to #1 above). For example, your brother's boss's sister's niece certainly qualifies as the relationship is traceable back to you. What does not qualify is anything just pulled from bulletin boards, phone trees, etc. when there is no relationship to you or Grace. However, requests for things like "those serving in the military" is acceptable as we all at least know someone who is serving, or know someone who is related to someone who is serving. Also, requests like "victims of the flood", or "the family members of those who died in the tsunami" are fine as a reminder for us to intercede for our fellow man. Such requests will be included if/when the prayer chain is not otherwise full of Grace requests. Whatever you send, please make sure you have that person's permission first.
3. Requests on this prayer chain are for your information for you to pray effectively; they are not fodder for the gossip mill. On the other side of the coin, names will be associated with the prayer request unless you specifically ask for the request to be anonymous. Anonymous requests, while not encouraged, are fine, but do not fear that the information you give will be gossiped about; one thing I have found is those who pray take this responsibility and privilege seriously. 
4. Closely tied in with #3 above, when you send in a request, please try to be as concise as possible, but on the other hand, we appreciate enough information to pray intelligently. It is up to you. Do not feel you must divulge more than you are comfortable with; a simple "please pray for _________" is all we need!
5. I do occasionally edit requests, mostly for spelling or grammar errors, but at times I edit for content, usually in the case of length. Also, please see that the information you send in is actually a request; newsy letters do not have a place here (for example, I get e-mails from a missionary but only include specific requests.) See the new guideline below for further information and #7 for an exception!
6. Requests that hint (usually not so subtly) for money or other significant financial help will not be accepted on the prayer chain. That goes for things like a new place to live (or major repairs), a new (different) vehicle (or repairs), or legal assistance as well, if the request smacks of soliciting. When I am in doubt, I will first forward the request to one of the pastoral staff and have them approve/disapprove the request.
7. If you do request prayer, we would appreciate an update (or praise!) when you have one. That way we can all see God's working in the lives of those we know and love, and we thank you in advance for updating us! That means, of course, that for the update it is perfectly all right for it to be "newsy" and not include a request at all.
8. The prayer requests that you receive are to be treated as confidential. E-mails are not to be forwarded to anyone (if anyone wants to receive the daily requests, they need to e-mail me at INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS and request to be added to the list). Neither are e-mails to be printed out for any other use than to add to your own private prayer journal. Most importantly, these requests are to be discussed with no one other than our Heavenly Father. He alone needs to hear from us about these requests.
9. The prayer chain is sent out 6 days a week (M-Sat) first thing (more or less) in the morning. It doesn't matter when you get them, just please be faithful to at least pray once for each request. 
Please abide by these guidelines. They are there to protect those who request prayer, this prayer chain, and the integrity of those who pray. Please help us make this prayer chain the most effective it can be. Thanks again. Have a gre