Peace Makers

Apr 3, 2022    Mike Burt

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” Matthew 5:9

Sunday will be a very special day – we have guests from the war-torn country of Ukraine. Grace has sent several there over the years to serve and we have supported many who are still trying to share the Gospel and do discipleship – even in war! Please come and support our missionary ambassadors to this country under conflict and join us as we pray for peace!

God is in the peacemaking business. God has called us to be in the peacemaking business too. God says that relationships are important and that is what life is about. When all is said and done, we won’t have possessions, but we will still have our relationships. Heaven is all about relationships. You get into heaven by the relationship you have with Jesus. We won’t have “stuff” in heaven but we will have each other and Jesus too. Relationships matter. Relationships need to be emphasized above resolution.

How can you be a peacemaker? It all begins by really knowing living like the “Prince of Peace”, Jesus Christ. It all begins by have a relationship with Him. He wants you to trust Him, to believe in Him, to have faith in Him. He has the ability to change things. He has the ability to fix that which is broken.

Sunday we will see Jesus was the Peacemaker. He changes things. Where there is a storm, He creates calm. Where there is chaos, He creates order. Where there is bitterness and strife, He creates peace. He is the Prince of Peace. He has called us to be peacemakers too.

That should be our goal and that must be our prayer!

See you Sunday!

Pastor Mike