Kings of Samaria (Israel)

May 15, 2022    Pastor Mike

“Go and cry out to the gods you have chosen. Let them save you when you are in trouble!” Judges 10:14 (LORD to Israel convicting them of idolatry)

Idols can only make promises. They cannot keep them. But we too often foolishly believe they might. We may believe that money can buy our happiness or joy. We can believe that pleasures will be our refuge and comfort. We believe success in business or investments will prove our worth. We know some who believe successful children will equate with our success. Proverbs 13:12 says, "Delayed hope makes the heart sick." This means that if our hope is in something that can fail, our hearts will fall with it. Our spiritual life and life of faith will decay. This is what idols do - they fail. Trusting in these things should be as foolish to us as worshipping Baal was to Elijah.

Sunday I will begin with Elijah and take us though the 19 Kings of the Northern Kingdom. I will only touch on a few highlights but each time showing the emptiness of idols. I want us to leave with a clear understanding of God’s view of idols and the dangers of idols in our life. Idols are frequently very subtle – they take on form only in our minds and imaginations. The key to resisting idols is a supreme love for the true and living ONLY God! Sunday we will sing of that, pray in praise of that and spend our time in God’s Word hearing that.