Will the real….

May 1, 2022    Mike Burt

There is an older TV show that was titled 'To Tell The Truth'. In this show a celebrity panel would have opportunity to question 3 contestants to discover who had the real occupation or hobby. The contestants were 2 imposters who could improvise answers and 1 honest guest who must answer truthfully to all questions. The entertainment was often in the absurdity of the imposters or the oddity of the truth – the celebrity panel would vote and the genuine guest would be revealed by them being compelled To Tell The Truth. The famous line is, “will the real ‘character’ please stand up.”

Sunday we will look in on the first test of Solomon’s wisdom. Two women, 1 deceased child and 1 surviving child – who belongs to whom? Both claim to be the mother of the living child but one is lying – how to know? Since Solomon is blessed with the wisdom of God - the test is one of deepest and most genuine love – just like God would do! Please invite others to this well known but often misunderstood account of Solomon. I will do my best to share it and draw eternal conclusions – I need for you to bring those who most need to hear this kind of love expressed by our loving God.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Mike