Kings of Judah - Southern Kingdom

May 22, 2022    Mike Burt

Sunday will be the last in a series that began with Samuel anointing the first King of Israel, Saul. We wandered in and out of the life of Saul and encountered the shepherd boy David. David was used of God to serve the nation of Israel as the first King of Judah – a key figure in the linage of Messiah. Following David was the wisdom of Solomon that was followed by division and sin in the people. Last Sunday we covered the Kings of the North whose capital was Samaria. This Sunday we move on to the Southern Kingdom of Judah and the several Kings who served on the throne.

Kings of the North were by far mostly bad and evil while a few Kings of the South loved the Lord and followed God’s Word. I will mention 5 and focus on 3 who best reflect the goodness of God in the lives of men. First will be the account of Jehoshaphat and his interactions with the wicked King Ahab. Then a better known story told of Hezekiah and his cleansing of the Temple and restoring the true worship of the Lord. Finally we will visit the life of Josiah who made the Delight of God the Desire of his heart. Three Biblical examples of listening to the Word of God above all the din of earthly voices! God’s work will only be done God’s Way according to God’s Word! Please join us this week for a last chapter in the saga of Kings – this week seeing a few good ones! I will have another chart of the Kings of the North and if you missed it a few still Kings of the South.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Mike