Walk With Me 2023

Walking with Jesus means an active lifestyle. The word “walk”occurs about 400 times in the Bible. The lesson is clear! The Christian life is to be an active one. We are not just resting or relaxing.  When Jesus called the 4 fishermen, He called them to a life of a work. Joining Him in these travels was not going to be easy. These were men already accustomed to hard work, but in many ways the life Jesus called them was more difficult. He didn’t say, “Follow Me and you will have a life of ease.”  This must  be a year of walking with Jesus for us all!

Walk With Me - Bible Reading Resources

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Walk With Me - Discipleship Resources

"Whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked." 1 John 2:6

This year we have been challenged to invite people to walk with us as we walk with Jesus. Applying the "Walk With Me" principle means we are "Growing in Christ to Grow Others, Together". To help you in this challenge, we ask you to join us in "Walk With Me - Discipleship."

Starting this Spring, we will have a "discipleship combo" - information and maps from a different park every month, plus application questions from Sunday morning sermons. The idea is that you will be ready to invite someone from church, a neighbor, a co-worker, or someone from your family to walk with you and enjoy God's beautiful creation while you both grow in Christ through a Bible passage, application questions, prayer, and relationship. We want to challenge you to set a goal of 7 walks in 2023!

There is an option to sign up and let us know that you are doing this so that we can pray for you. You can also opt in to receive our Sermon Supplement each week with the application questions.
Post with #WalkWithGBC to share your photos with us!

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