What to expect

When you walk into the lobby, you’ll see a sign pointing you toward the Greenhouse Kids check-in area. Or you can ask one of the volunteers serving that Sunday to direct you. At the check-in area, you’ll be greeted by a friendly Safety Team volunteer who will help you register your child in the computer. Children entrusted to our care are checked in and out through a computer safety system. You’ll be handed two stickers - your child's name tag and parent pick-up tag with matching security codes. When you pick up your child, the code on your pick-up tag will be matched with the one on your child’s name tag. If we need to contact you during the worship service, you will receive a text message sent to your cell phone. Pagers are also available for parents who have children in the nursery.

*Greenhouse Kids is a safe and secure environment for each child. All volunteers and leaders are carefully screened and supervised. 

Safety Info

Wellness/Sickness Guidelines

Let’s keep Greenhouse Kids safe & healthy for everyone! If your child has any of these symptoms of illness, please do not check them into Greenhouse Kids. We reserve the right to request parents take sick children with them.

Symptoms of Illness:

Runny Nose



Matted Eyes



Open Sores

Unexplained Rashes

Restrooms in “Kid-Mode”

Please be aware that the restrooms in the Greenhouse Children’s wing (east side) will be in “Kid-Mode” on Sundays from 8AM-Noon. The restroom doors will be propped open for the safety of our children and volunteers. Our Safety Team members are present and available to assist children in the restrooms, if needed. Thank you for partnering with us in protecting our children. (*Greenhouse Kids is a safe and secure environment for each child. All volunteers and leaders are carefully screened and supervised.) 

Playground Use

When the weather is nice, children will use the playground. Parents, please dress your children for play!

Emergency Procedures

Building Evacuation Emergency

       1. Take class list and exit east doors. Close all opened doors as you evacuate an area.

       2. Designated assembly areas: Baseball field behind the building. 

       3. Alternate assembly area: Front Parking Lot.

       4. Give attention to children until parents sign them out.

Medical Emergency

       1. Call 911. Dispatcher will ask –Name, Address, Room number, Description of injury/illness.

        2. Alert Safety Team.

        3. Stay on phone until medical help arrives.

       Address: Grace Bible Church, 601 Blue Ridge Rd, Columbia 65202

*Note: For Minor injuries, take children to check-in desk where safety team will administer first aid. First aid kits are located in the Greenhouse Check-in Desk, Nursery, and Kitchen. Fill out Incident Report Form and copy for parent and church office.

Fire Warning Alarm Sounds

        1. Take class list and assist children in evacuating through east doors off Children’s Hallway.

        2. In case of smoke, take short breaths and help children crawl along the floor to the nearest exit. 

        3. Gather with your class on the baseball field or front parking lot based on location of emergency. 

        4. Give attention to children until parents sign them out.

Tornado & Severe Weather Emergency  

        1. Take class list & lead children into auditorium and line up along the wall under the balcony. 

        2. Give attention to children until parents sign them out.

Violent Threat/Intruder Action Plan

       1. Close locked classroom door(s). 

       2. Close blinds, & cover windows in doors.

       3. Stay away from all windows & doors.

       4. Turn OFF all lights and audio equipment.

       5. Stay calm & keep children as quiet as possible.

       6. Do not sound the fire alarm. 

       7. Give attention to children until pastors have given all clear.

       8. Parents must sign out children.

Bomb Threat

In the event of a bomb threat, follow the building evacuation instructions above.