greenhouse teacher spotlight


    Doris Perkins and Janet Hensley are the first service (9AM) preschool teachers. They have been teaching for over 40 years. They love to pour the Word of God into young children.

  • John and Michelle Hall

    John and Michelle Hall are in the Safety team during first service.

  • Lance & Cassie Kauffman 

    Lance & Cassie Kauffman are nursery volunteers.

  • Robin, Shelby and Hanna Wilson

    Robin, Shelby and Hanna Wilson are nursery volunteers for the second service (10:30AM).

  • mike and jenny johnson

    Mike and Jenny Johnson teach the kindergarten class at 9AM, they enjoy Serving Christ together as a couple in the Greenhouse nursery.

  • The Ward Family

    The Ward Family are 1-2nd grade teachers during the second service (10:30AM).

    They like to inspire young minds and they want each child to make Jesus their friend.

  • Jenny Bilbro and Lindsey Braik

    Jenny Bilbro and Lindsey Braik are on the Safety Team for the 2nd service (10:30AM).

  • Jason and Christin huether

    Jason and Christin serve as nursery volunteers during the early service (9AM). The want to help children in their class grow in their relationships with Christ. 

  • Ann Boyd

    Ann Boyd is the 3-year-old classroom teacher during first service (9AM).

  • Asher & Cheryl Gardner

    Asher & Cheryl Gardner are part of the safety team.