2018 sUMMER bible studies

starting june 6

wednesdays from 6-7:30PM

  • when god doesn't fix it - laura story

    Study leader: Sarah Gerling

    Childcare provided

    This study helps women to understand we aren’t the only ones whose lives have taken unexpected turns. It examines the brokenness of some of the heroes of our faith, and shows how despite their flaws and flawed stories, God was able to use them in extraordinary ways. And it was not because of their faith, but because of the faithfulness of their God. God may not fix everything. In fact, although your situation might not ever change or get better, with Jesus you can. Sign up HERE.

  • reliability of the new testament

    Study leader: John Feroe

    Childcare provided

    Christianity has been under attack for a long time, but never more so than in recent years. The focus of this study will be for men and women to take a detailed look at some of the Dr. Ehrman and his colleagues claims, examining: Textual corruption, Oral tradition, Authorship and dating, External evidence and Internal evidence. The point is to be made is that as Christians, we know what we believe, but we are not always equipped to defend our beliefs. 
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  • prayer @ grace

    Leaders: GBC Elders

    Childcare provided

    In this meeting, men and women will be laboring in prayer, intercession and thanksgiving for GBC Members, GBC leaders & Ministries, GBC Missionaries, political leaders from local to national, local ministries, local people. Sign up HERE.
  • "money life" personal finance study

    Study leader: Jeff Walker

    Childcare provided

    From motivating true stories of great perseverance to insightful teaching to deeply introspective self-study, this study is designed to help men and women overcome financial challenges to help you gain a life of meaning and purpose. This study provides solutions for both the symptoms and the root cause of your financial problems once and for all. Combining solid biblical teaching, powerful online tools, and hands-on practical experiences. 
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