Sermon Preview

The Beatitudes

Ingredients of a disciple

Matthew 5

Sunday is the first of a short series that will take us to the holidays – The Beatitudes of Jesus.  The Lord taught the disciples how to keep a right attitude even as they must walk through a fallen World.  The key to this spiritual journey was to have attitudes that reflect the kingdom of Heaven instead of the kingdoms of men.  I will take just the first eight lessons Jesus taught and share them with Grace – each one a true gem!  Whether in person or online – this is a short series you will not want to miss – each ‘blessed’ is an important block in the wall that separates us from this fallen World even though we must live in it each day.  Right living begins with the right heart – the topic of Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount and the focus of this series – join us!

See you Sunday,

Pastor Mike

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