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Palm Sunday

Lion and the Lamb

John 12:12,13

Palm Sunday – Triumphal Entry – Hosanna Sunday

“The blood of the lamb applied over the doorpost on the night of Israel's deliverance from Egypt distinguished the obedient from the disobedient. Just so today the applied blood of the Lamb of God is the distinguishing mark of God's called out ones, the church.”  Billy Graham

Palm Sunday is known by several names, each describing the events of the day or the expectations of the day.  The Jews were convinced that Jesus was someone special but then those hopes were dashed as he was arrested, tried, beaten and then crucified.  

They were seeking the answer to the prophecies of the Old Testament about the Messiah as the Lion of Judah as promised by God to Jacob in Genesis 49.  They did not realize that before the Prince of Peace is to be crowned, the payment for sin must be offered – not by a mortal lamb but by the Lamb of God!  Sunday I will explain how this was misunderstood and yet so completely true – Jesus is the Lion of Judah but first as our payment for sin as the Lamb of God.  He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords now and one day will be seated on the throne of David – but for now He is the risen Lamb of God and payment for all the sins of all men for all time – Hallelujah!

See you Online Sunday,

Pastor Mike

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