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Agreeing with God

Amos 1,2

“You cannot imagine what is just unless you can envision what is unjust.”

The announcement of judgment on the nations surrounding Israel and Judah contains God’s displeasure with injustice in the world. This offers a chance to show God’s anger toward societies that don’t care for the helpless and take advantage of his people. To those who often wonder, “where is God in all the pain and suffering in the world?” Amos makes it clear: God sees, and he will judge!

Nowadays, justice is a hot topic. Some preachers tend to preach about it from suspect texts, which causes people to be suspicious. However, if you address the topic as part of your exegesis of Amos, then you’ll give your church a chance to put justice in its place biblically.

Time is almost up for Israel, and so Amos calls them to repentance, exhorting the peoples of the world to seek God’s forgiveness before it’s too late. Just when you think Amos is preaching only to people out there, he focuses in on his own people—Judah and Israel. Israel in particular has severely sinned against God. This is why he calls them “cows of Bashan.” Though it’s lost on us, this is a serious insult! Judgment is coming unless they seek the Lord and his forgiveness.

Though this message is 2700 years old – it is as fresh as this morning’s newspaper!  Injustice – cruelty, selfishness all cry out for repentance and forgiveness – themes of Amos.  Join me this week as we begin a journey through a truly timely and exciting prophet’s messages.

“He has his back to the world, his face toward heaven and a Book in his hand.”  John Bunyan