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daniel: dare to be different!

Dare to be a Daniel

Daniel 1:8-21

“I don’t think God lets anybody down, ever, never, who places his trust in Him and who sweetly, and beautifully, and generously, and graciously gives himself to that determination.” W.A. Criswell

The book of Daniel has several stories that are well know to adults and children alike and Sunday is one of those! Daniel declines the King's choice food as he tries to keep the Law and honor the LORD. The risk is not as much to Daniel as it is to those who were given charge of these Jewish exiles. 

Daniel shows us several things in this passage that are quite relevant for today – fighting assimilation – offering alternatives – maintaining a godly identity. Daniel gives us that great example and proves that if we dare to act, God will empower.

“You must resolutely set your heart as Daniel did to fear the Lord, and the Lord alone.” Dr. John McArthur

When I consider the many Old Testament accounts of men and women who lived out their faith in God, I ask myself - how can we apply all of these figures in the Bible who have done mighty deeds in the service of God? What, if anything, can we learn from them? Shouldn’t we try to ask the questions “What would David do?” or “What would Joshua do?” or “What would Paul do?” Maybe even: “What would Jesus do?” 

This becomes the example we see on Sunday – “What would Daniel do?”

'We know what can be done because we see what has been done!'

Pastor Mike Burt