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King with 4 Names

#3 Everlasting Father - Isaiah 9:6

Jesus is the Son and Everlasting Father.  Is this not a little bit confusing?  The Messiah who will come as a Child will also be the ‘Everlasting Father’ – how is this so?  Spurgeon did not think it was confusing!  Listen to his sermon from 1866:  “This is no contradiction, and to us scarcely a paradox, but it is a mighty marvel that he who was an infant should at the same time be infinite, he who was the Man of Sorrows should also be God over all, blessed forever; and that he who is in the Divine Trinity always called the Son, should nevertheless be correctly called ‘the everlasting Father.’” 

In American culture we are familiar with Native American names that are an illustration of a child’s character or life event like Running Bear or Standing Buffalo – similar in Jewish culture when Isaac (Heb. – ‘laughter’) was named after Sarah laughed at the prophecy of God.  Or even the irony of names like Onesimus who was imprisoned with Paul for theft.  Yet after coming to faith in Christ, Paul returned Onesimus to Philemon as says he will be ‘profitable’ in ministry.

Sunday I will try to explain how this is not a contradiction - If Jesus' name is "Eternal Father," then why don't we call Jesus "Eternal Father"?  For that matter, why don't we call his name "Wonderful Counselor" or "Mighty God" or "Prince of Peace"?  The text speaks of several names and has many things revealed in each of those names.  Again, this shows us that it is the characteristics of the then-coming Messiah.  Jesus is the Son but as God fulfills all these other roles!  Jesus – Son of God and so much more!

See you Sunday,

Pastor Mike