Sermon Preview

Generational Living

Lying in Egypt – Back to Bethel!

Gen 12:10-13:4

God allows life to test faith – true from the Old Testament to today! Abram has walked by faith with God the length of the Land of Promise. Then things got tough – a famine. He continued South to Egypt past the drought to Egypt. There he let himself slide into ease of comfort – a lie to live. It was comfortable – as long as the Pharaoh regarded Sarah as a woman to be courted. Then to discover she was married and Abram was NOT her brother! The famine Abram fled became the plagues of God and his lie was uncovered.

What character trait is God trying to remove in your life? James 1:4 says: “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything” (NIV 2011). God’s plan is to rid us of character flaws through the gracious fire of trials. These trials are meant to help us mature so that God can use us more (Rom 5:3–4). That was God’s plan for Abram, and trials were necessary to prepare him for that calling. Some are needed in our life – pay attention! Don't let them drag on and on – see God's hand and listen to God's voice.

Sunday we will uncover the lying in Egypt and follow Abram back to Bethel. To hear this great lesson you only need to come to Grace! 

See you Sunday -

Pastor Mike