Sermon Preview

Joseph - a complete type of Christ

Do the right thing!

Genesis 42

The old advice, “Let your conscience be your guide” is only partly right. In Genesis 42, God is awakening the sleeping consciences of Joseph’s brothers.  The conscience can only be a tool for our life if it is trained by the Word of God and monitored by the Spirit of God!  Our conscience must be shaped and nurtured by the Word of God, which will reveal His holy standards of right and wrong. But living by our conscience is not enough - certainly no one should violate their conscience, although we all have done so. The If we disregard the conscience long enough, or if we don’t train it properly, it can be seared to the point that we can commit atrocious sins even without a twinge of guilt. Sunday we get to witness the awakening of some ‘seared’ consciences in Joseph’s brothers and the incredible mercy of Joseph.  This is a message for anyone who has messed up – has guilt – wronged another – been wronged – so for all of us!  See you Sunday!

Pastor Mike