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Faith v. Favoritism

James 2:1-7

“The ground is all level at the foot of the Cross!”

The world will typically make a distinction in how the poor or the wealthy are treated – some with more or less respect and attention. The Scriptures decry this as an artificial and inappropriate distinction and not a life practice for believers! James is explaining the teachings of Jesus from Matt 5:3 - “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” 

The followers of Christ who suffer in poverty of any kind – financial or societal – find an endless resource in Jesus. The Church must not 'grade' these conditions but rather embrace them with equity and fairness. The honor of wealthy or powerful people is most often based on what the admirer hopes to gain anyway making it truly a selfish ambition. 

Sunday will be a day of defining terms – the difference between partiality, preference, prejudice and bias. Some are indeed sins while others may be valid choices we make without offense. 

If God loves us in our deplorable condition then we must not discriminate in how we share that love! 

In the end, I agree with Pastor Kent Hughes - “Favoritism within faith is spiritually irrational!”

See you Sunday

Pastor Mike

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