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daniel: dare to be different!

Faithfulness from God

Psalm 57

We have been 10 weeks in Daniel and have seen the faithfulness of God over and over again. It is time to take a breath and reflect on God's faithfulness. Sunday we will look into Psalm 57 and the life of David – yet as we read the Psalm it will seem like a prophecy of Daniel, a story to unfold about 400 years later.

In our Psalm, David must have wondered, 'why is this happening to me?' or 'this is not what I signed up to do!' As Saul chased him, David must have wished Jehovah would step in and take Saul out! David felt very picked on and he was! Sunday will be a time to peek into the heart of a young man fleeing the anger of a selfish king – similar to Daniel being attacked, first by the Babylonians and eventually the Medes and Persians who resented his faith. How did David and Daniel deal with this opposition and these obstacles? By trusting in the faithfulness of a faithful God! Please join us for a message about faithfulness that comes from God and is the core of our daily faith in Him. 

See you Sunday

Pastor Mike Burt