This Sunday at Grace 

A Message of Grace - Acts 7
In the longest single speech in all of the book of Acts, Stephen shares a clear message of God’s purpose, plan, and power. We don’t know if Stephen knew that he was about to be stoned, or if he knew that his end was near - but one thing we do know is that he was not slowed, suppressed, or silenced by his impending fate. His goal was not to save his own life - but to share the Truth of God, and share the Good News message to the people that day. His message spanned the Old Testament, and concluded with the promise of the Holy Spirit. This Sunday we will see Stephen’s message as we will open Acts 7 together. The Church, as the Bride of Christ has been given the comfort & caution - and we can claim God's promise as our foundation for how we grow in Christ and how we disciple ours to grow in Christ as well. See you this Sunday at Grace.
Josh Burt

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