Sunday Morning @ Grace

8am classes

Grace & Truth (50+) (Room 211)

Led by Ron Schlimme

Studying: Book of Acts

Mature teachers lead this topical class designed to meet the needs of more ‘seasoned’ adults. Different class members teach for 8-10 weeks at a time, choosing their topic for their session and blending teaching and group discussion.

Multi-Generational (Room 210) 

Led by Scott Poock

Studying: Abraham

Incorporating a multi-generational approach, the lessons in this class are designed for all age groups to be broken down and applied in a family setting throughout the week.

• Adult Class (College and Carrier) (Room 203)

Led by Brad Russell

Studying:  “On the Road to Emmaus”

Our mission is to cover the bible in 5-7 years, with a focus on practical life application. Our values are:

  • Teaching men and women who will teach others –“ Road to Emmaus” model.
  • Scripture memorization
  • Testimonies/life stories
  • Missions
  • Guest speakers who love God, His Word and His people
  • Multi-generation approach that draws families and college students.

    9AM classes

    • Life Truths (Room 203)

    Led by Matt Sherman

    Studying: Bible Studies for Life from Lifeway

    The summer term covers “Why Are We Here?” and “Nehemiah: Building a Life of Service”. Each week’s topic provokes open discussion and member participation. The class is comprised of single and married individuals.

    • Adult Class (Room 212) 

    Led by Terry Colhour and Jim Noble

    Studying: “A Praying Life” by Paul E. Miller

    Prayer is simply you - a child of a good Father - making conversation with Him a rhythm of your life. For most of us prayer is so hard that unless circumstances demand it, we simply do not pray. If prayerlessness marks your life more often than not, "A Praying Life" is for you.

    • Youth Class (Room 210)

    Led by Josh Burt

    Studying: Phillipians

    Philippians is a favorite book of the Bible for teens of all ages—great for those who don’t know the Lord and treasured by those who’ve walked with him since they were young. The Well Youth encourages you to join this class and be equipped by the Word of God though this amazing book!

    10:30am classes

    • Line-By-Line, Precept-By-Precept (Room 201)  

    Led by Bret Barrier

    Studying: Beatitudes

    This class explores God's Word verse by verse, discussing its meaning in light of the balance of Scripture, in order to discover its significance and practical application in our daily lives.

    • Look at the Book (Room 203)  

    Led by Glenn Davis

    Studying: Look at the Book

    A Biblical Study of how pursuing maximum joy in God is essential to glorifying God and impacts conversion, worship, love, Scripture, prayer, money, marriage, missions and suffering,