Sunday Morning @ Grace

9am classes

Grace & Truth (50+) (Room 210)

Led by Ron Schlimme

Studying: Book of Acts

Mature teachers lead this topical class designed to meet the needs of more ‘seasoned’ adults. Different class members teach for 8-10 weeks at a time, choosing their topic for their session and blending teaching and group discussion.

• Multi-Generational (Room 203) 

Led by Scott Poock

Studying: Abraham

Incorporating a multi-generational approach, the lessons in this class are designed for all age groups to be broken down and applied in a family setting throughout the week. 

• College and Career (Adult) Class (Room 204) 

Led by Brad Russell

Studying: On the Road to Emmaus The mission of this class is to cover the bible in 5-7 years, with a focus on practical life application. The values of this class are to teach men and women who will teach others (”Road to Emmaus” model), Scripture memorization, Testimonies/life stories, Missions, Guest speakers who love God, His Word and His people and Multi-generation approach that draws families and college students. 

• Life Truths (Room 212) 

Led by Matt Sherman

Studying: Bible Studies for Life from Lifeway

Topics are “How To Pray” and “Welcome Home: Connecting and Engaging People in Your Church”. Each week’s topic provokes open discussion and member participation. The class is comprised of single and married individuals. 

• The Well Youth Class (Youth Room - Balcony) 

Led by Josh Burt

Studying: Youth related topics The Well Youth Ministry is focused on encouraging Junior High & Senior High students to relate, grow, and lead. Developing students as leaders is a goal of The Well. 

• Line-by-Line, Precept-by-Precept (Hospitality Room) 

Led by Bret Barrier

Studying: Tour of Titus

This class explores God’s Word verse by verse, discussing its meaning in light of the balance of Scripture, in order to discover its significance and practical application in our daily lives. 

Adult Class (Room 201)

Led by TJ O’Brien and Anthony Russo

Studying: Biblical Foundations

For believers of all ages, this 8-week class will focus on the practical guidelines and principles for reading or studying scripture. This class will help you avoid common errors and it will help fill any gaps about scripture or faith. We will look at important Biblical Doctrines and different forms of Theology that are often overlooked.

Couples Class (Room 211)

Led by Jason Weirich and Scott Gerlt

Studying: Ephesians

This class is using RightNow Media and JD Greear’s study on Ephesians.

Heart of Worship Class (Conference Room)

Led by Pastor David Wells

Studying: Book of Mark. Jesus said, "Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.” (John 4:23). We will be exploring various topics related to worship - not just what happens during a Sunday morning service. The worship that God seeks is an all-of-life response to who He is and what He has done.

Reliability of the New Testament

Led by Pastor Mike Burt and T.J. O'Brien

Studying: This is a study about the confidence we should have in the Bible we use everyday! Can it be trusted? Was it written by men or inspired by God or both? If both, how does that work? We will study the Scripture and the meaning of words like Revelation, Inspiration, Preservation and Translation. Scripture will confirm Scripture but we will also use the reports given from the Chicago Conference on Inspiration - we will recommend several resources on this topic - we will answer questions about translations and versions. This class will answer questions you may be afraid to ask - we will not be afraid to teach them!

    Coming Up

    Wednesdays, every other week at 6PM. Join us beginning June 12 for a five lesson women’s study in Song of Solomon, led by Angie Poock and Erika Garijo. We will learn how this ancient love story is relevant to our lives and relationship with Jesus today while realizing our own beauty and worth in God’s eyes. Lisa Harper is the video teacher for this study called Perfect Love.