We are thrilled that you have decided to consign with us!

Please write to Lisa Bragg HERE with the following info:

- First and Last Name

- Complete Mailing/Billing Address

- Cell Phone

- Previous Consignor Number (if applicable)

You will receive an email confirmation with tag templates and information on the sale.

If you are a new consignor, you will also receive your new consignor number. 


Please view our 'How to Tag Clothes' manual, and Consignor Prepping & Tagging Info for your convenience.

*There are also many good online video tutorials on how to prep and tag your items, so if you are more of a visual learner just google your need (for example “How to hang clothes for a consignment sale”) and I am sure you will find a great video! The Consignment Sale Queen videos are a very good place to start. 

Additional guidelines and reminders:   

1. Each consignor has a 200 clothing limit (this includes all clothing, kid’s, specialty, maternity and $.50 rack). If you would like to bring more clothing, please email us at so you can book 1hr volunteer spot for every 100 items exceeding the 200 clothing limit. If we get more help, the exceeding clothing limit will be justified. We hope you understand.

2. Please make sure your items are in pristine condition with no imperfections (tears, missing buttons, broken zippers, holes, pilling, etc.). If you find imperfections, please remember you are allowed 10 items in the play clothes racks, sorted only by gender and not size.

3. Other limits are: 10 items each for the following items - $.50 play clothes with small imperfections, $.50 small boy/girl toys, small $.50 books, and Mom's corner. As for stuffed animals, please bring only 5 of your best ones, launder them and price them really low or they won’t sell. That is 45 extra items to add to your consignment pile! 

4. PLEASE CHECK YOUR ITEMS VERY CAREFULLY: Clothing MUST be in gently used condition (no imperfections) and freshly laundered. Shoes must be CLEAN, please wash them in the washing machine (air dry) or wipe them clean with a wipe. Toys MUST be in working condition and with batteries, no missing parts. If any such item is found on the sale floor it will be taken out of the sale and it will be put back in your leftovers. This is just to maintain the good quality reputation of our sale. No one will know we have pulled items, except you (we will put a note on your tag), it will be done in complete discreetness.

5.  You are more than welcome to use a tagging gun to affix your tags to hanging items, as long as the tag is visible and the tagging gun needle doesn’t ruin the garment. 


6. If possible, please mark the neck of each hanger with some colorful tape or ribbon to help the leftover sorting volunteers at the end of the sale.


7. When choosing a volunteer option to help at the sale, please know that there are various tasks that can be accomplished that don’t necessarily consist in BEING present at the sale. Write to us if interested in this possibility.

We would like to remind our consignors that, like with any consignment sale, there will be a 20% cut taken off your total sales and a small $15 fee to cover our sale expenses (rentals, supplies, heating/AC, etc.). 

If a consignor does not reach $50 in total sales, we will waive the $15 consignment fee (the 20% will still be withheld since it’s proportional to the total amount).

Drop off will always be on the Thursday immediately preceding the sale weekend, Noon-8pm.

Pick up will always be on the Saturday of the sale weekend, 3-4pm.

Further instructions concerning Drop-off and Pick-up will be sent a few days before the sale.

We truly appreciate all our wonderful consignors and the quality items they bring to our kid’s event.

If you have further questions please email us at